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Salvari is proud to support some of the most vital global organisations who are dedicated to fighting for and protecting the natural environment and its living wonders. Salvari supports these incredible organisations by giving back through sales of its jewellery, helping to fund their fights, broaden awareness of the importance of their causes and bring about much needed change.

Together we can all strive to make a better, kinder and safer world for all living things.

One Tree Planted


OneTreePlanted is an organisation that funds vital reforestation projects as well as create jobs, builds communities and protect habitats for biodiversity across the globe.

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Oceanic Global

Saving our oceans from plastic

Oceanic global inspires, empowers and unites to educate on issues impacting the world’s oceans and provide solutions for driving positive change.

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Saving the Survivors

Treating poached endangered wildlife

Saving the Survivors was founded in 2012 by Dr Johan Marais to attend to injured endangered wildlife that have fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incidents.

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