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As well as being about great jewellery design, important causes and giving back, Salvari is also about you. Our goal is to create a network of like-minded jewellery lovers who want to champion wildlife causes and make a difference.

This you can do by wearing Salvari jewellery and sharing the stories it can tell far and wide.

Collectively you’re a bigger voice than we are. You are the difference.

So let’s do something good. Together.


A simple idea to highlight how human and environmental factors threaten wildlife through challenging yet beautiful jewellery, and the stories that concept could tell, was the seed that inspired the creation of the Salvari Brand. 

Euan Leckie then forged his design skills with his sister Serena’s background in jewellery and Salvari was founded. 

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Each unique Salvari piece tells a story about global environmental issues that affect the world we live in. By wearing Salvari jewellery you’ll look amazing, help promote a message of change and fund vital global projects that make a difference.

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Salvari proudly Supports both land and sea-based conservation organisations who share the Salvari ethos of making the world a better, kinder and safer place for all living things.

We are proud to be associated with these amazing organisations and thank them for the important works they do all over this wonderful world. Together fighting for a legacy we can all be a proud part of.



Salvari means to be saved or life to be preserved. It refers to the destiny of man and all things, resulting in salvation and a changing of the human heart. As a name for our brand, Salvari was the only choice. It reminds of our collective responsibility to everything around us – all life to be preserved – and how together a difference can be made. From the power of many can come the beauty of change.

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