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Salvari Jewellery makes every effort to be as ethical and environmentally friendly as we possibly can and believe that every part of our business should not only be transparent but endeavor to make positive changes in the industry.

We are hand made

All our jewellery is designed in house and hand made in the UK by a team of highly skilled workmen and women.

We use ethical metals

For our Silver pieces, Salvari only uses the highest quality fair-mined materials all of which can be traced to source. For our Gold jewellery we only use the highest quality fair-mined and fair-trade metals meaning our gold is extracted using clean mining processes that use no dangerous chemicals or leachates during extraction. Every Salvari jewellery piece sold gives money back to the mine/s where our metals are sourced to help improve conditions for miners and improve clean quality of metals. We are proud of this commitment to make mining a safer, better and kinder environment for our mining workforce.

Many of our pieces are gold plated and we endeavor to use recycled gold where possible we are also currently looking in to sourcing Fair Trade, and Fair mined Gold as soon as it is available in the market.

We use Ethical Packaging

Salvari aim to use the cleanest recyclable materials and environmentally-friendly inks in all its print and packaging. We constantly strive to find the best solutions for our packaging and continually monitor the market for new natural, bio-degradable and carbon neutral materials for our customers. This area of our business is constantly in development and we welcome any input and ideas from our customers.

We are Carbon Conscious

Salvari is always working on reducing its carbon footprint in relation to its operational processes and customer fulfilment. Through our Salvari Forest Programme we aim to offset carbon wherever we can and aim to become a carbon-negative business.

The entire Salvari team are passionate about conservation and sustainability and wherever possible do our best to make positive changes that help protect our world. We know that things can always be done better so welcome any comments, ideas or partnerships to make the world a kinder, safer and better place for all.